Narwhal 2 is a four-rotor long-endurance hydrogen-fueled UAV, which adopts the latest metal hydrogen fuel electric reactor as the main power source, with higher energy density, significantly improved endurance capacity and more stable and reliable performance. The body is made of high-strength lightweight carbon fiber material. The integrated handheld console comes with a 10-inch capacitive touch screen. It runs android 7.1 system and supports communication frequencies of 5.8ghz and 2.4ghz. Folding structure design, save the initial cloud space; Equipped with portable backpack, single person can complete all kinds of inspection work. The Narwhal 2 can be equipped with different mounts including wide-angle camera, dual-light camera and 40X zoom camera, providing services for the public security, power, petroleum and petrochemical industries in complex environment.

Metal bipolar plate hydrogen fuel cell power system, a wide variety of customizable hydrogen fuel cell power systems provide a wide variety of power.

The fuel cell power system is a compact and lightweight hydrogen fuel cell power system that can be used in a variety of applications to provide long-term, continuous power output.

System Characteristics:

With self-check start, quick start and one-key recovery function

The power module provides undervoltage protection and overcurrent protection for the system

Provide 323 communication interface, can realize remote monitoring

Complete fault protection and alarm function

Good environmental adaptability

Long endurance

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ORCA2 is a micro integrated equipment solution developed by Shandong Bshark intelligent technology co., LTD., which integrates hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, supercharging and injection. The system adopts hydro-electrolysis hydrogen production scheme, with small overall size and light weight, which is conducive to mobile transportation. 

System Characteristics:

Easy to install and maintain

Hydrogen can be produced from electricity generated from new energy sources

Low function cost

The equipment supports off-grid production and hydrogenation

High automation and simple operation

Could be functioning in complex environment, serving police, firing and power industry etc.