About BShark

Shandong Black Shark Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a new energy high-end intelligent equipment enterprise jointly invested by Dongchangfu District State-owned Enterprise and Shenzhen Black Shark Technology Co., Ltd., which is a joint venture of hydrogen energy fuel cell small-scenario application and hydrogen fuel product research and development. . The black shark smart core products are fuel cell power systems, a full range of hydrogen fuel drones, small micro hydrogen refueling stations, and related ancillary products. At present, the core components of fuel cell stack, fuel cell lithium battery hybrid system, hydrogen production and pressure integration system, drone flight control, image transmission, integrated control core components have been independently developed. The R&D team includes several hydrogen energy sources. Experts in fuel cell, energy power, drone control and other fields with more than ten years of experience in the industry.
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The leading brand of global hydrogen energy small scene applications.


The hydrogen fuel team has more than 10 years of hydrogen fuel cell product development, production processing and marketing experience. Compared with traditional fuel cell products, the black shark reactor has small features, suitable for all kinds of lightweight and high stability requirements. Fuel cell power system applications.

BShark Intelligence has successfully launched a variety of hydrogen fuel products, which have received wide attention and praise in the global market. Among them, the second-generation Narwhal2 (Narwei 2) drone of the hydrogen fuel cell powered drone Narwhal series has a long life of up to 2 hours and can be widely used in public safety, energy detection, traffic supervision and military applications. The field is known as the new generation of industrial-grade beasts.

The Orca (Oka) series of small and micro hydrogen refueling stations, as a supporting equipment for hydrogen fuel drones and other hydrogen fuel small-scenario applications, integrates and miniaturizes hydrogen production and pressurization processes, and provides portable hydrogen storage and hydrogenation services. It provides an indispensable condition for the popularization of hydrogen fuel products.